Uv hot spot tools in blender?

Hi, i was at a talk by Daniel Robson from Machine games (Woolfenstine 2) and he showed a realy coool tool in modo where u set up uv hotspots on a trim sheet what at a simple press of a key assignes faces to like bookmarked uv positions. Think it might be Seneca’s Super UV tools plugin. Do any of blenders plugins do this?

What do you mean by “hotspots” and “bookmarked”? This doesn’t seem like common CG terminology (or at least not used in Blender). Do you have a video showing the feature you’re looking for?

Il try to find a video, but its like preeset states for uvs that will be used over and over using a trim sheet.

I’m still not sure I get it so tell me if I’m wrong:
you would want a way to select some faces in the 3D Viewport, then use an operator to say for example “These faces are red bricks”, and the faces would be mapped where the red bricks are in the UV texture, without using the UV Editor during the entire process ?