UV image texture generated not realistic

Hi everyone,
This is my first question for blender since I used it in 2012!

I have created an UV grass image texture like this picture near a modern house, and also on my map I use others images texture.

I use node with UV map, mapping, image and BSDF nodes and also bump node for image displacement.

BUT, the image texture generated is too unreal even if the images texture is connectable each other !

To reduce this contraste effect I reduce the strengh of the bump node. But it is better but not real.
I have also tried to use a rotation image texture I found in this topic : https://blenderartists.org/t/random-tile-placement-and-rotation-in-cycles-material/641688
but it doesn’t work in my map… I don’t no why !
I think this is the solution about rotation of the image generated to have more realistic effect.

Have you another solution ? Do you use something else to create image grass on a wide map ?

Many thank for your return !
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Benoit Beal

You can see a technique here how to eliminate repeating texture patterns.

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Thanks you Const !!

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Here is the way I do it.

Basically four scale and rotation variants that are blended together with smooth noise. That will work better with bump maps for maps that can support this kind of blending since there are no sharp transitions. For a flat plane, you only need what is inside the node group, don’t worry about the triplanar stuff that happens outside.