UV images not loading in UV editor, HELP!

SO this has been happening ALL THE TIME when I’m using Blender. I’ll make a texture in Photoshop, export it as either a png or jpeg, then go into blenders UV / Image Editor and load the image, and it wont appear in the viewport to map geometry to.

I dont understand it, I’ve been able to get it to work twice in all the times I’ve tried, its driving me CRAZY! I’m new to Blender so maybe I’m jsut making a newbie mistake. I figured someone here might be able to set me straight. If you have any ideas, please let me know, I have a project due in a week and this is SERIOUSLY killing my productivity.

I’ll be either embedding or linking to a video of what Im doing and what’s happening as soon as I finish typing this, so if you dont have any ideas yet please wai until its up.

EDIT: Video is here


I think you only need to add a UV map to the object. (Buttons window -> Editing context -> Button “New” where says “UV Texture”).

Before doing the projection and choosing the image.

I have been experiencing the same problem…at times the images show up…at others they dont…I am using 2.48 a…

In my case…deselecting everything in the objects edit mode and then reselecting the unwrapped faces one by one helped and the texture showed up in the image editor…hope it helps…

I’m not sure if what I think is what is going on in that case, but it may not be a bug, I think UV editor workflow may seem a little strange.

When you select an image in the UV/image editor Blender relates that image with the selected faces, to show them in the 3D view with “textured viewport shading”. If in Edit mode you make a selection that includes faces that don’t have an image related, or have different textures related, the UV editor doesn’t show any image. If you select face by face, the UV editor will show the image that is related to the last selected face.

I believe this workflow was made to display in “texture shading” different images applied to different faces of an object, and then use “texture paint mode” to paint in 3D viewport, to different images at the same time.

What is a little confusing is how the image changes in the UV editor when you change selection.


This happend to me also several times, in my opinion it’s either a very strange workflow or simply just a bug!

What I did last time: add a material to the object, add a texture to the material, select texture type “image” and then select the already loaded image in the drop down menu (texture buttons F6 -> Image). If you do that, then the image shows up in the UV editor.

Can some blender pro please confirm that demonic_pascal’s problem is either a bug or a “feature”?



Thanks everyone for your replies. There have been a lot of ideas on how to get the textures working. However I somehow stumbled upon my own odd fix. I loaded the image, then selected everything and clicked on UVs -> Show/Hide Faces -> Show Hidden Faces, then toggled selections and loaded the image again and it worked. Honestly I have no idea why it worked cuz I was just getting frustrated and clicking stuff randomly that seemed remotely useful and just happened to get it to work, so the next time I run into this problem (most likley in a few hours when I start modelling my next building), I’m going to try some of the more “calm” solutions recomended here and get back to you.

I agree though, if someone could verify if this is a bug, feature, or just me being an idiot, that’d be nice…

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Has anyone considered the Blender path length error?

Try moving the troubled image map to the root of your drive.

Thank you Thank you. Face Select Mode. I thought i was going nuts - I wanted to make half the mesh to one image, the other half to another, and could not for the life of me get it to show up in the UV/Image editor whent the VERTICES were selected. Going to face mode solves it. It is because with verts I think the edges connect to non-mapped verts, so it does not show anything.

Thank you from me too. Now going to solve texturing female bust skin from photos.

Thank you from me too. Now going to solve texturing female bust skin from photos.
:slight_smile: Hey, you’re welcome. Sorry for the delay in my reply, I didn’t see the comments before, saw them by chance right now.



This Show/Hide Faces just saved me from smashing my computer when the inability to display a background image behind my UV map brought me to an hour-long standstill. So random. Anyway, thank you from 13 years in the future (using Blender 2.78, though 3.0 is about to come out) for the fix!