uv map hair particles?

How do you uvmap a texture to the new hair particles for example a leaf texture and have the texture stretch along the path of the hairs, I know i saw a vid or tute somewhere but after searching like crazy was unable to find anything on the subject.

here is an example of what im after:

I hope someone can help


can it even be done?

Do you mean this (Image 3):

Yes thank you I knew I saw it somwhere I cant believe i missed it after serching the site for hours!

Is there not a video that goes with that? or maybe a tute or .blend?

No, this is preliminary documentation. But everything you need to know is there.

It is a bit strange to setup.

  1. Create UV coordinates
  2. Fill in the name of the UV-Set (not the texture) in the strands shading buttons.
  3. Load the texture with map input uv in the texturebuttons.

The uv coordinates mapping is made automatically, so you cannot edit them in the UVImage editor window.

Where is the name of the UV-Set designated? I searched the Manual but came up dry on that keyword.

Editing Buttons, in the Mesh panel next to UVTexture.

Thanks! I guess there’s some room for confusion in the terminology used to describe a UV “map” – the docs mention both UV Texture (which isn’t really a texture but a mapping of the Texture), and UV Layout (capitols sort of implying a label status – it exists elsewhere in the UI but doesn’t mean the same thing), and in one paragraph, the definition of “UV Texture” is actually changed to refer to the mapped image rather than the map. Now UV-Set has been added in the Sandbox. Even with a fair chunk of experience in 3D, this kind of multi-buzzwording can lead to scratched scalps and question-marked-shaped halos ;). Clearer now, though.

Add to the list “UV layer,” which shows up in the Tool Tips of the Map Input panel, and actually refers to an entry in the UV Texture list.

ahh that clears things up very much, NOT. Cant the one who programmed this feature make a small tut so we all can see how to generate and add those uv coordinates to a strand?
thx in advance.

I’m not the programmer, but here’s a step-by-step that worked for me:

  1. In the Object panel, under Particle buttons, in the Visualization box, make sure that Strand Render is OFF.
  2. Go to the Editing panel (F9, I believe). In the “Mesh” box (not “Mesh Tools”, “Mesh Tools More”, or “UV Mapping”), find the text that says “UV Texture” and click the “New” button beside it.
  3. A box will appear immediately underneath the button with a UV Texture name in it. If you haven’t created any UV textures, this will be named “UVTex”. You may click on it to rename it if you want, but for the sake of this example we’ll assume you left the name alone.
  4. On the Shading panel, under the Material buttons, in the Links and Pipeline box, click the Strands button. A popup will appear. Click the UV: text entry box at the bottom of the popup and enter “UVTex” (or whatever you named your UV Texture, if you renamed it).
  5. In the “Map Input” box for your texture, make sure “UV” is selected. I haven’t experimented much with the settings, but I found that if I selected “Flat” and X, Y, and Z (in that order) and no other buttons, it works fine. This works with procedural textures as well as bitmapped ones.

Figuring this out was a pain. I’d update the wiki page if I were able to do so. Maybe I’ll make a video or something, but don’t count on it. :slight_smile: