UV map not on grid

I am making a camo for csgo and want to use Blender to view it easily.
The problem is that when I import the .obj file into Blender the UV map is not on the grid so when I import a texture it doesn’t align with it.

So far all I have been able to do is move the UV map up to the texture by pressing a then g. This isn’t accurate enough :frowning:

I think there is an easy way to do this but since its blender its hidden very well.

Thanks for reading all this and please help!

By default textures tile so if your UVs are off the grid that should still show correctly if they were moved in full UV spaces. Just as in the 3d view, you can select the UV faces and move them

How big is the texture, if it is 1000 px x 1000 px you can move your UVs by 1000px up with G Y 1000

Or you could use normalized coordinates, where all images are 1x1 units, no matter how many pixels they are.

After another attempt I realised that when i was adding the texture i was creating a new map, at least thats what I think.
Its now working! Thanks for the help!