UV Map Orientation flips when rendering -- why?

I’m using videos as UV maps on a number of planes that rotate around the screen. After going through the process of linking the video, unwrapping the plane,adding the texture, mapping the object the video, on SOME videos, not all, the video will flip either 180 degrees on the z axis or 90 degrees on the y axis. Even after fixing it by re-importing and going through the process, it still will sometimes flip around. I’ve been able to fix it sometimes by changing the settings in the Map To box, but its not dependable. Any ideas how to nail it down?

If you have rotated the plane in Edit Mode, Blender can get confused about which way is up for the UV map. Try CTRL+A to apply scale and rotation to the selected object.

There is definitely some rotation of the plane going on. This is the same thing you’ve been helping me with in another thread.
I’m not quite sure what doing the Cntrl A would do. Can you 'splain it to me?

CTRL+A in this case realigns the uv’s to the global (up) orientation.

Wow, it sounds like you’re doing this manually, have you downloaded this script yet?