UV Map to Mesh scale

I am new to Unwrapping in blender, and I am trying to unwrap this mesh (A wooden Plank) I’ve added in the Mark Seams and when I unwrap it the UV Faces are alot smaller than they are on the mesh, therefore, my texture will get stretched.
Can anybody help me, and help would be great please.


Looks like you started with a cube and scaled it in object mode rather than in edit mode. This means the scale value of the object has changed (look in properties panel, shortcut N). This would not be the case if you scaled in edit mode as you are only changing the mesh, not the actual object scale. To get an unwrap to have the correct scale, the scale falue for each axis should be 1. The apply the current scale select the object and use Ctrl+A / Scale. Then uv unwrap again.

Thank you! That has really helped me out! Thanks! :smiley: