UV map with image texture

hi all
m trying to model a rock with image texture thn want to import it into unity for this i want to make a uvmap include
rock texture in it but every time m trying to export uv layout it just export uv layout without image texture (correct
me if m wrong or asking a realy silly question its natural since i just started like 2 months back :p) i know it can be
done inside unity just drag image on rock model but i wanna combine both image into one so unity can pick it by default
also by this way i can edit rock detail with blender


Exporting the uv layout is useless to unity, it does not use it, it automatcally imports the uv map from the model file. The uv layout is only useful when you want a reference in a 2D image editor (gimp, photshop etc…). All you need to do is export your model, your image and put it unity, it will recognise your uv coordinates straight away.

tried that bro but it doesn’t recognize it as long as i don’t drag image onto mesh but if it just recognise uvmap i mean i can edit detail in uvmap but can’t do that directly in image i just want to combine those both images (uvmap and texture image) but doono how to do that thnx in advance

I am not sure what you want to do, if it is have the image mapped on the model in unity the way it is in blender, you got to set up the coordinates of the uvmap in blender (the export uv layout option is just a reminder for you, the image doesn’t contain any data unity can use) , then just export your model (as .obj or .fbx) (when exporting don’t forget to check “include uvs” at the bottom left) , and your image. Drag the image on the model in unity and that’s it.

You might find this useful : https://www.blender.org/manual/editors/uv_image/uv_editing/unwrapping.html


thnx bro uv map was not transferring with model :slight_smile: