UV-mapping and rendering


I’m new to this forum, but learned from and enjoyed the discussions and especially the tutorials for a few weeks already.

While the tuts from Modron and Greybeard explained the uv-mapping and got me as far as seeing the texture in the 3D-window, I have problems rendering the object. Although I added the same image in the texture/material windows, checked TexFaces as well as Map Input: Uv, the rendering does not look like what is shown in the 3D window. What could be the problem?

the rendering does not look like what is shown in the 3D window

How does it look? Is the texture completely absent or just look different? Assuming it is absent try:

  1. Is the “Map to” set to “col” and the color slider on this panel set to 1.0
  2. In the texture panel (the tab beside “Map to” and Map Input") is the little box checked beside your texture name where you load the texture.
  3. If the texture isn’t showing up in the preview panel it means you haven’t loaded the image correctly.

If none of the above work try posting the blend file and it will be easier to help you.


col ist set to 1.0, texture panel is checked and the texture is shown in the preview panel (looks exactly like in the uv editor).

Here is the 3D-image


and the rendered image


did you press the UV button in the mapping buttons for that texture channel? [default is orco]

What version of Blender are you using? It appears as though you’re trying to use displacement, and if I remember correctly UV textures didn’t map correctly to the displacement channel in the first release that displacement was present in. (I could be mistaken) Here is a day-old build of Blender from the latest source. Try the same file in there and see if you have the same result.

z3r0 d, the uv button is pressed. Other parameters: map input flat, map to col, nor, ref and spec.

desoto, I tried the file with the new Blender build, but there’s no difference in the rendered image compared to the image above. By the way, what is displacement? If I used it, it must have been by accident.

Yes, you are using displacement; deselect the nor button to not use it. Then it should look how you want it to.

A description and explanation of displacement mapping can be found here.

Are you sure its the Nor button, that disables the nor not displacement. theres a displacement button it says disp. on it im pretty sure.

I’m kind of embarrassed right now, cause I just found out what the problem is. Before uv-mapping, I was trying out multiple materials for the object. When I used the texture channel for the image, I didn’t check which material was used (it was, in fact, the hair-band). With a material assigned to all vertices of the object, the rendered picture is fine.

Anyway, thanks for the help. :expressionless:

Still can’t download your build. Is there a good time that this site will work? I noticed in another thread that you said it was cheap, and to try at a different time.