UV mapping differs in local and normal view - Help!

Hi everyone!

I need some help with a UV issue here.

Here in Local view, the texture map is correct

Here in normal view, it isn’t.

I’ve tried everything I could think of.
-UV Cube project, which I 98% of the times I use
-Smart Project
-Apply all transforms

The geometry itself is ok. all vertices are properly merged. But somehow I can’t get the texture to flow correctly there.

Other topics I’ve found don’t seem to have a solution for this particular problem.

Any suggestions?

Select the faces, go to top orthographic view, UV/Project from view (or similar). Impossible to guess what could be wrong object wise, if any. I could make it based on the dimensions, but I’d likely not produce any error in it. So it helps if you share it, and someone might look into it.

Hi thanx!

Tried that too. the thing is that the sides of the model don’t show well since it’s projected from the top.

What I would do here is select the good faces, pin in the UV editor (“p” for me), then select the remaining faces and unwrap.

Good one thanx!