UV Mapping for sewing Pattern

Because this is my first post in this forum, I’d like to introduce myself: My Name is Markus, I’m a skilled mechanic and I love crafting!

Now my request:
I’m planning to make a Spider-Man suit.
To do this, I need some printed fabric. So I thought one of you guys maybe able to make me a textured map from my 3D-Model.
The Model (in .3ds-format) is a human with my personal measurements.

Because printing this fabric is very expensive, its very important for me that all of the parts and textures fit together well!

What I have:

  • A 3D-Human Model with my measurements in .3ds-Format
  • A high-res texture with the Spiderman-Print. This actually is a sewing pattern but it doesn’t fit. I tried that! :frowning:
  • Nice referece pics of the movie suit so you can see where the sewing-lines are.

What I want to have:

  • A textured, fitting sewing Pattern and all 2D and 3D-Data. So I can do my own adjustments.

I’d be very happy if anybody could help me.

Best regards,


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