UV Mapping goes wonky.

Hello, figured I’d join this forum as I ran into an issue when trying to make something myself. And planning on keeping this up because so far I’m having a blast learning modeling, finally. Have been following Blender Guru’s beginner tutorials and finally not too confused by 3D modeling in Blender anymore, starting to understand UV mapping a little better but there are still some things that go wrong, so…

As seen in the image, at some corners of the model there seems to be some unwanted Faces, possible causing the UV map to go wonky when Unwrapping those parts? Also, more desired it would be if all sides used the same area on the UV map, perhaps I need to learn more about UV mapping still, might someone be willing to help out?

If anything is needed, more screenshots or maybe the file, feel free to ask.

Edit, the file: crate_001-compressed.blend (85.8 KB)

Things to check
Remove any double vertices from your selection(W / remove doubles)
Check your seams. Those that you have tagged as seams that shouldn’t have been and those you have not tagged as seams that you should have
When you UV unwrap try changing the unwrap method from the default angle based to conformal (in uv unwrap options in toolshelf)
You do not have to unwrap the object in one go. Unwrap in sections so you don’t get confused with what is what
Before unwrapping apply any object scale (Ctrl+A)

No blend file supplied with your post so you’ll have o try all these things yourself

I would definitely add a blend file to make this easier, but as Richard said, unwrap it in sections. Since all 6 sides are the same, unwrap one side, make it look good, and then unwrap the others. After unwrapping the others you can easily stack all 6 faces on top of each other to save UV space. Also i see that the middle face on each side is an n-gon, and while it isn’t all that important here, I recommend cutting it into quads/tris. It helps in the long rung. But yeah, attach the file here and we can look at it closer.

You are getting rid of needed edges and making the mesh worse. There are n-gons which can distort normal UV unwrap, and some of them are also concave which can distort the geometry and the UV, and with that, the texture.

The file is always needed. If for nothing else, to verify the solution and to produce visuals when replying. Tutorial linked in my signature shows how to prepare the file for upload and instructions on how and where to upload. People don’t want to ask for the file, it’s easier and faster to just not reply.

Thanks for the replies, been checking some more tutorials in the meantime and having been unwrapping a lot of Objects to just see what happens, I notice also that when a surface is not straight, it can bend. It’s like a paper model after all, I take it. I think the model I first made had some issues like these and I feel like there are numerous ways it could’ve been made better. (I also did each side by hand while it shouldn’t be necessary even.)

I’m adding the *.blend file to the first post.

Would probably be easier to do one side and use linked duplicates for the other sides so they can all be edited. That way the UV’s share same space when you eventually merge all sides.

Alt+D in object mode makes a duplicate that shares the same mesh data (linked duplicate).

Made one as an example

crate_ja12.blend (88.1 KB)