UV Mapping issue


I have a problem with UV Mapping. I made a high res version of a shipping container, got a grey scale of it. Made a simple rectangle and applied the grey scale texture to it.

There is a strange line on the edges of the side and top of the container after I render it. Screen Shot is attached.

It looks as though the pixel normals are being flipped or something.

The container is mapped to a 256x256 image and half of the image is used as the container sides/top/bottom and the lower half is used as the front and back. I’m thinking that the uv mapping where the side and front/back part of the texture meets is what is causing the problem, but I have no idea how to fix it.

It is much more noticeable when I import it to unity game engine and apply my normal/spec shader. I wanted to optimize as much as possible, this is why there is just the one texture with the repeated use of the 2 parts.

Can somebody shed some light on my problem? Any help is much appreciated.

Here is a link to my blend file: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/24340



Your file des not have the texture image packed in it. But I am thinking it might be caused by the uvs being right on the edge of the image. Try to allow a little bleed to get smoother results.

Ooops, here is the file with my image packed in it: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/24359

I thought that might be the case, I’ll look into that.