UV mapping Problems

Im UV mapping a simple plane and I get a weird line distorting my texture. Depending on how i rotate the camera in the view port the artifact changes.
Any fixes? Blend file :


UV Problem.blend (548 KB)

Any fixes?
Any blend file ?

I get a ‘the host does not exist’ error when pressing the download button. Why not just use the forum attachment system rather than some crappy, spam filled, bug ridden crappy file host crappy site that makes it as difficult as possible to download any file that is hosted on the crappy file host site…

I didn’t even know the forum had that option. Sorry for the trouble. I attached the file.

The bevel modifier is causing this, remove it or if you need it for any reason apply it and then uv unwrap again.

Wow can’t believe I forgot to apply modifiers before trying to texture it. Thanks for your help =)