UV Mapping question

I just textured one of my models in Wings because of its Projection UV mapping feature, and I was wondering if there was a similar feature in blender that I don’t know about.

Thanks in advance!

yes it’s called LSCM, and to do it, you first mark your seams with ctrl E, then when you load your UVs choose ‘LSCM’. there’s a tut by greybeard at the main site.

Thanks, but I know about that. In wings it layed out the faces according to which direction they were facing automatically. You just click projection and it does it for you.

Blender people look at this link. It has a movie about uvmapping in wings3d. Its awesome.

I didnt know that wings3d was so effective on unwraping.

The tighting tool would be a nice feature in blender uv mapping.