UV mapping - Resizing a loaded image to fit you unwarp. HOW?

I’ve never done any UV maping in my life and been working with Blender for about 3-4 weeks. I’m doing a project with a Jack Daneils bottle and need to put a label on the bottle. I unwrapped the mesh with no problem at all and I already have a texture of the label I want to use. I import the label in the the UV/Image editor and it takes up the whole screen.

How do I resize the image to fit over my bottle. Then once I do get the image where i want it how do I keep it on there in my fianl render?:confused:


You don’t resize the image, you move the uv coordinates around. Personally, I wouldnt unwrapp a bottle just to apply a label, I would apply the label to subdivided plane and parrent that to the bottle.

If you have the label, unwrap only the four faces around the bottle that get the label. Dont unwrap the whole mesh; leave those as procedural (glass) materials. Those four faces will then be mapped to the label (I assume the label image wraps around the entire bottle).

Actualy the label doesn’t wrap around the whole bottle. Heres a refrance picture.

The label sort of stops about 3 quaters of the way on both sides of the bottle. Then theres another label on the back. So how do you think I should texture this? Please be specific and show me how do do this. Sorry but when it comes to texturing this will basicaly be my first time.


So basically you should upload your blend-file somewhere…

Take your mesh in the 3D View, subdivide the face of your bottle so that you have a middle set of faces; middle meaning that there is a set of faces that go around the bottle where the label goes. Go into UV Face Select mode. shift right click on the faces where you want the label. Unwrap them. In the UV editor, Image->open the label file. In the UV Editor window, arrange the faces using the how-to in the wiki. Enjoy results.

Hey Roger, if you keep this up you’re gonna get rid of all the newbies in here. Man, I’m struggling to get anything written while you make it look like a piece of cake.

Welp, I took your advice and made loop cuts to outline where the label is going to be instead of subdividing the whole mesh. I selected all the faces where i wanted the front label to be and hit unwrap. The mesh unwraped without a problem. I uploaded the label i wanted to use and moved the verticies around the picture to make it fit.

Now I have two questions:

  1. How do I make the label stay on the faces I wanted rendered. In other words how do I make the label show up in the place i want it when i render the picture.

  2. I have 2 labels so that means 2 unwraps and 2 pcitures. How do i put two UV images on one mesh?

Sorry for the really newbish questions but when it comes to the stuff i’m like a wet match in a dark cave.


Make it easy on yourself. in the uv editor window click UVs>Live Unwrap Transform and also Layout Clipped To Image Size. Select the set of verts that you want for the first label in uv face select window and you will see them appear in the uv editor as you select them. now select an image that you’ll use as a label. When done with the first label, deselect all and begin selecting the second set of faces for the next label. The first image should disappear form the uv editor after you deselect the faces for the first label allowing you to select a different limage for your next set of faces. Clicking TexFace button in the materals buttons will apply the layout when you render. Alt + Z will let you see the images aplied in the 3D window. That’s exacty how I made the image below.


Thankyou VERY much Rambo and Roger. Works now!