UV Mapping & Stitching

Are the red seams supposed to vanish once you have stitched two parts back together? I was getting bad stretching so I had to mark a seam around an edge. Once I did that it made a seperate island. I then wanted to join the two back together. I selected the cut out part, hit v and it shows where it will fit back into the main island. Once I do this though the red seam mark vanishes. It is like I never marked it as a seam. How should I be stitching this?

You need to use basically the same process to clear the seam manually.

So what I have above is not a stitch even though I used the v key? I need a little more clarification please.

I was working on this bit where you said you marked a seam…

Ok thanks.

I have a question about UV map mirroring. I want to edit one half of a uv and have the other half mirror. I applied my mirror modifier before I unwrapped. Now I have both halfs but only one side is effected. I dont want to have to edit both sides so they match. How can I make it so I only have to edit one half? Thanks.

Could someone please tell me if the following videos feature is available/ possible. Only having to manipulate one half of a UV and have the other react the same.