UV mapping trouble

I’m new to using UV textures and I’ve done only a few UV maps. I have a question about UV mapping. The thing is that I’m making a goldfish in blender. It’s supposed to be symmetrical so I thought, that it’d be really easy to texture the fish later if I just cut it in two halves and place the Uvmaps on top of eachother.

The problem is that after I’ve pinned and straightened the first half I need to mirror the other half to place it on top. The other half however springs back to the original position or actually gets really messed up after a new unwrap. I see, that the pinned UVs are in their position but the rest jumps back to the original position, so it’s all swirled and messed up. Is there any way to tell Blender to unwrap the other half already mirrored or something?

Pin all the verts on the halfthat you have unwrapped. That way they will not change when you redo the other side.

Now, when you go to unwrap the other side of the mesh, RMB select a vert, press “L” key to select only linked verts and then press “E” to unwrap the section only.


eeh… yeah, that wouldn’t work as planned because pressing “E” still unwraps the whole thing, but I just thought of anothwe way, I could mirror the done half and then pin it all, this way I can work with the second half like I wanted to in the first place.
I’m not sure if any of what I said made sense at all… :smiley: But thanks for your help.

That’s what I said above. Once you have one half done the way you want, pin all those verts, then work with the rest of it.