Uv-mapping unnecessary stretching


It occurred to me while uv-mapping that even though a marked plenty of seams, my uv-map is still stretched.
Even when I mark a flat surface with seams, the checker texture I’m using is still stretched and instead of squares it are rectangles.
I know I can go to the uv-editor and resize the island on only one axis to make my checker pattern square again, but to do this for every island takes a lot of time.
Is there a way to prevent this unnecessary stretching?
Any help is appreciated.

P.S. My .blend file will not upload, since it’s to big (I guess). If you need it however, let me know.


it would be easier to help if we got the blend file, i recomend dropbox.

anyway, try to CTRL + A in object mode, and apply scale. while you’re there, apply rotation aswell. but not location.

Appling the scale worked for me.
Thank you so much.
But will this have any other consequences?

All makes sense.