UV Mapping with alpha to show material ...?

I’m a newbie but keen and hope am learning fast.
I have an object (say a cube). I apply a material to it (say a red color) and it looks red.
Now I select a face and go into UV editing modes. I choose the face and in the UV editor associate it with a PNG file that has transparency in lots of places.
My desire is to have:

  1. The Object mostly one material
  2. One face on the object UV mapped to show a partially transparent image.
    This is where I am getting stuck and could really use a recipe. It seems to me that if I select a material and switch on the TexFace button under Materials then the WHOLE material is UV mapped. This makes sense. So what this is telling me is that I need a material just for the face that I want to UV map. But even with all faces but one having one material and the UV mapped face having a second material … I can’t figure out how to have the UV mapped face partially transparent to show the “core” or “basic” material underneath.
    I hope this makes sense. My goal is to place some text on a cylinder. I have created a PNG file with transparency and wish to map this text onto some part of the side of the cylinder but NOT all of it. Basically think of a logo on the side of the cylinder. I have messed around with textures and the Image type texture but the whole offsets and scales in 3D for a 2D image is fuddling my mind and so I was hoping that I could simply grab some faces of the Cylinder and UV map them to my PNG which has Alpha and have the text show up but the base be the core material.

If you correctly applied the alpha channel in the texturing pannel it should work the way you want. What exactly isn’t happening?

Francesco … I found my answer … it was not what I expected but it works … What I plan to do now is write up a tutorial and I’ll post a link here and I’d appreciate feedback/comments.

I have written up the tutorial and posted here: