UV mapping working fine in blender, but not in exported fbx

I’ve been trying to develop a (very simple) car model for use in an xna game.
I’ve UV mapped every object in blender, and in blender it renders fine.

The problem is when it’s exported to fbx. (I use the xna strict option)
When imported to xna or using an fbx model viewer (I use Kane’s Model Viewer for XNA), the textures don’t render on the model (With the exception of the car mirrors, and the dashboard)

The thing I find weird is that the dashboard is in the same UV map as the car body, yet the car body remains untextured. :confused:

I’ve uploaded the model + textures to car2final.zip
The blend file uses the textures in the textures folder, but when exporting to fbx it seems to use the same directory as the model (hence the textures in the main folder too)

Any help would be hugely appreciated :smiley:

Edit: I used blender 2.63.0