UV not showing up in render anim?

Ok…so I am SOO new to blender but i am starting to get a hang of it. I have never done any 3D editing or for that mater, anything having to do with the word “render” in it. I am completely new to this concept. When i rendered my “animation” (just a box twirling in spot w/ some letters on it) It rendered and i could play it-and it would spin, but the letters are not there! How do i fix that problem to the letters (put on as images from UV/ image editor) are renderd in the animation too? Thanks!
p.s. i will attatch the “animation” to this post soon- but its late and 60 frames is a lot for me…cmon stop laughing…

ok seems simple but its all i know did you make sure all normals are on the outside of the object… as the engine runs with single sided models you can always push control+n in edit mode then clock recalculate normals to outside… otherwise make sure your in textured mode.

Well it looks like you need to press the 'TextFace’button in the material section of the Shading panel (F5). And if the button isn’t there, you need to select ‘new’ from the Link to Object list in the Links and Pipeline section to create a material for the object. Basically the games engine does not need to use the Blender Materials ( in the Shading (F5) panel) it can take textures straight from the UV image editor. But the Blender Renderer needs Materials to exist and the textface button makes your UV material appear in the Blender material. hope that makes sense.

Go to the shading tab, and in there go to Map Input, and in there, click UV.


thanks for the help guys! For some reason when i rendered it though (it did show up) my image was flipped horizontally. When i looked from the camera view and the UV/image editor view-everything lined up. (i eventually just went back and flipped my original pics).

Check you haven’t accidentally animated anything… use the left and right arrows to see if the object moves