UV ounbound

see pic

i’v UV unwrap bound

and i got teh pic shown below

now how can is ee the pic UV and the unwrap portion i did

i want to begin with only the top part of the claw

then add other part later

so how can i do that ?

and is it possible to do that with only one UV window of is it only possible with several window UV image meaning several UV unwrap ionto different images?
to work better with UV should i define several materials for different part of my object

like the top and bottom of the claw then add the other parts too?

alos when unwrapping i can see more than the selected part i unwrap
why is this and how not to have more than the select part i unwrap ?


If I understand your questions correctly, and i’m not sure that i do - you want to only select part of an object, and apply different UV images to different portions of the same object?

Then you want to select (for example) two objects at the same time, or portions of those objects and apply the same texture to those?

Do I understand you right?

Answer to #1 is - select your object, go to edit mode, deselect everything, select ONLY the areas you want to apply the current map to, then select “smart projection” in the unwrap menu and apply your Image. Then go and select the remaining areas of that object and apply your image maps to those areas. This works for me although only with image maps in the UV editor. You’re actually better off planning ahead and building each area as a separate object - you’ll have much better control in the end over your appearance for the end result.

Answer #2 - No, you can only select one object at a time.

Hope that helps - otherwise please try and be more clear with your questions

i have one object only

but i need to uv map the bottom and top seperately if possible
cause my pic is top and bottom
now i can combine the 2 pics in one pic to load up into uv editor

normally when you unwrap this create one UV map in UV editor
and it means that you have to load up a new pic for each UVmap
which you can see in F9 list of UV map

now i use the unbound unwrap cause it’s easier to use for me
mind you it’s not the only way to do it

my question was more like is there a way to combine 2 UV unwrap map into one UV map an use only one pic
i find it easier to deal with the top alone and adjust the map in UV editor then do the bottom and adjust the mapping over the pic in uv editor and then if possible to combine into one UVmap

in the end at least you don’t have to deal with complicated UV maps and pics

i know that i could add seams and unwrap the whole thing
but i find this more tdifficult then unwraping different part and doing the simple mapping in UV editor for the top and bottom