UV packing



It does that to me sometimes. I believe you need to be signed into Gumroad first to have it show up in your library of purchased products. Otherwise it won’t show up.

(burnin) #162

or you can use the link from original (first) mail you got when purchased

(ambi) #163

No. Once you buy you get free updates forever for this addon. At least that’s the plan on my end. I don’t know what Gumroad is doing.

(so3Datel) #164

I’m sorry that I did not answer for so long.
Yes, you right, proportions for 8/1024 and 16/2048 is the same, but not always. Some times you need use different pixel padding and border.
Why not use one value for control texture size and padding and border?
Because, what for you means “0.390625”? This is hard to learn and visual control about what’s happening in this value. If I write not 8/1024100, but 9/1024100 or 8/2024*100? I do not notice the difference immediately, but this is incorrect.
If I hawe different values for texture size, texture proportions, padding and border - this more easier for understend and control yours values.

if you will write x =1024 y = 512 this will allow you control texture UV proportions. And again I think this is more easier for understend and control.

Yes you’re absolutely right. For example “Flip” need be turning off for game development workflow (on default):slight_smile:
But anyway, it’s just only my opinion, thanks for the addon, ambi.

sorry for my english

(Veezen) #165

Man, I just want to say you THANK YOU!
You speed up my workflow!

(cgstrive) #166

Problem regarding “Pack selected” feature.

Intent to pack following selected to unused UV area:

Undesired result:

Just incase cannot share .blend file. It is typical game model UV where some parts are tiling(out of 0-1) or stacked, which is why packing only selected is important.

(ambi) #167

@cgstrive: I put a new version on Gumroad. It should have much more selected islands packing options. The short documentation on the new features is also in the Gumroad description.

I can’t really say much about your problem. It might be a bug in the find similar algorithm. I hope the new version fixes your problem. It’s really hard to debug problems that I don’t have a .blend for.

Also if you use iterations = 10, it will only try to fit the islands into 10 rows and 10 columns, which is why it looks kind of strange.

@Veezen: Thanks, nice to hear :slight_smile:

(tungee) #168

Ambi, is it possible to buy the addon via Banktransfer?

(ambi) #169

Unfortunately at the moment Gumroad is the only payment option, but I’m always open to new (automated) gateways. I only have my personal bank account and making payments through that way would cost me more than it would make me.

(thomascheng) #170

Just wanted to say thanks again. This is one of those holes in Blender that needs to be filled.

(b0zill) #171

false try… can’t pack

(ambi) #172

Added new build to Gumroad to fix b0zill’s reported bug. As I have no .blend to test on it’s guessing what happened but I managed to reproduce the same error and fixed that particular bug. Also added the feature to select turning overlap detection on or off, and added the preliminary experimental detection of overlap only based on one UV vertice. Currently the detection based on only one UV vertice uses only one island in the group to collide on, so there might be overlapping islands if the islands are very different. It’s still useful if the island borders are the same but there are slight variations.

(aBlenderUser) #173

Hi! I just bought the addon and it seems to work very well.
I know this has been asked before, but is there any plan to incorporate an “Island grouping” feature. Grouping by material would work well.

(ambi) #174

aBlenderUser: Packing only to a selected area is something I’ve been thinking about. Would that help in grouping the islands by material? Automatically packing by material is something that would probably require a comprehensive rewrite of everything, as I see it right now.

Also if you guys have .blends that demonstrate the problem, don’t be shy to send me with a description what you want to achieve. That way I can take a stab at it and see if it’s possible.

(aBlenderUser) #175

Yes, I think it would involve quite a lot of work to make it work in this fashion, and maybe there are not that many who would actually benefit from it?
Just wanted to ask if it was on your agenda.
The packer is great! A vast improvement of the default one :slight_smile:
BTW: packing to a selected area would not work in my case, but would be a really neat feature

(mrven) #176

Thanks for addon!
Do you plan to add consistent margin in px? Now margins between island very different. It’s no good for gamedev models

(ambi) #177

Accurate margins between islands in pixels is something that I’m planning on, yes. Currently islands with sharp convex corners cause lower margin in that area, but that should be something I can fix in code.

(danoman) #178

Hi, great tool dude! I have a question: is it possible to lock rotation (or avoid rotation) during packing? Sometimes i need to rebake normal maps from one UVMap to another and therefore the islands may not be rotated during packing …

(MACHIN3) #179

There’s a rotation value it defaults to 90, I think. Set it to 0 and turn off ‘Flip’ as well.

(nixin) #180

I think i’m the only person on earth having a problem with pack by selected/ignore/lock not working for me. I’m using the latest builds for the addon and blender.