UV painting?


im wanting to do something but im not sure how in terms of the UV mapping.
Ive watched a few video tutorials on UV painting but no one seems to be doing what i need so i thought id ask here.
Ive got a load of lines that ive generated between points (picture2) and i want to use them as a sort of texture on top of another texture.
im not sure how to explain this but here i go. if you imagine, the whole winding object(image 1) has a frosted glass texture to it.
what i want to do is turn the black lines ive generated into clear glass texture. so every time the line would be cutting through the blob it has a line of clear glass.
i hope the pictures help to explain this. (i turned the blob whit in the last image so its easier to see where the generated lines would cut through it.

check the ‘stenciling’ tutorial in my signature. should be just what you need.

thank you! :slight_smile: