UV Pin / Save UV not working

Hello blenderers,

      Well i've never tried to do this before, the "SAVE UV LAYOUT" thing. But now that I have and I saved the pic. to my pictures, for some reason its "screwed." Yes, screwed as in lines going all over the place and bits and pieces of the UV that I want to show, are only showing a little bit. I've tried everything from doing it over and over, appending the same object to a different file, and just saving the UV's of a new object in a new file. Im stumpped. It doesn't matter if I open it with GIMP or even simple paint. I don't know if its my computer OR if there is just a setting I need to change. So if I do need to change a setting or any other advice please let me in on it.

Make sure when you run the script you don’t have all faces selected, and check “Wrap” if you like. UVs that are exported only export within the grid area.

The UVs on my models usually leave a few unwanted lines running through them in Gimp, but yes, yours are quite “screwed”.

make sure all of your wires fit nice and neatly within the square in the middle of the uv screen. Other wise they get mangled, i think, till they fit. nm should have finished reading dims post

Did you unwrap the whole model anytime in the file? Blender may save all of the uvs you unwraped. That could cause that tangled mess.

I selected the side of the object that I wanted, Then U>project from view> made it the right size> then pinned it(also tried not pinning)> and saved the uv layout. You might have some unwanted lines but on mine it looks as if I barely see what I want, and then the non unraped version going over it.

No, I didnt unwrap all of the UV.

I just noticed something.Select everything you want in the uv editor, then when you save, unselct “all faces”. That will make it so only the selected faces are saved. (i think)

I think I said that :slight_smile: Here, use these settings:

Sorry, I didnt read the whole thread.