UV problem

I put a UV texture on all of the objects in game, and they work fine inside of blender, but when its saved as a runtime, most of the objects are textureless. how can I fix this?

don’t feel “bad”, you’re only the 3.543.848 user that forgot to “pack” the file ( in the file menu, and then, save).

see if any of these help you.

…i think Blender should have an popup window consisting a checkbox “pack data”, and some other stuff users usually forget (like changing resolution ,etc.) when exporting runtime.

Everything is packed, thats not the problem, I might be a noob to blender, but I know what I’m doing

Well, if you know what you’re doing… :slight_smile:

sorry I phrased that wrong :p. I meant to say I know basics like that, when it comes to more complicated things I have no clue what Im doing

Post the file maybe!?

I cant really do that right now, but I did get the recent “bug fix” could it be because of that?

I don’t think the bugfix release could be the problem, if it happens in 2.45 then it’s not the bugfix release.