UV Problem

Hey guys,so i want to texture my nightvision,but i have a problem,icreate the texture in photoshop,and to o this i need to import the uv into ps,but everytime i do this i get such an resoult,can you see this white lines?,that re the uv lines,and i cant get rid of them ;(.How do i unwrap without getting such lines :/.


If you’re exporting the UV layout from Blender, it will give you those lines. That layout is just meant to be a guide for your texture, so you can see where everything is. You don’t need to get rid of the lines, just paint your texture in a different PS layer and delete the UV layout layer when you’re finished.

mm that makes sense,thank you :),uhm,could you tell me how,i duplicate the layer right? :D,and delete the background from the 2nd layer,and paint on that? :smiley:

There should be no need to duplicate it. Just create a new layer in Photoshop and it will use the layout as the Background layer. Paint on the new layer.