UV problems with only a few faces selected

i have an object with many faces but i unwrap only a few faces

and i cananot see the texture in rendering
i want to apply a texture to certain faces only not all the faces

mind you there is more then one material defined for this on the plane

it is UV map to the proper image texture but it does not appears in render

and it does matter if done in 2.6 or 2.49

so here is a sample file i did in 2.49

also will the image appears all over the different areas on the plane
or it will change scale on the different part of it ?

any can help aprpeciated with this problem

panel171.blend (504 KB)

and here is the carpet texture i want to use
sorry forgot to pack it with file


ok i found out that the image was not added not certain why it was not there
cause i check it before !

now is the render i get

how come the scale is not the same on all faces ?

is there a specail unwrap to keep the scale equal for all areas faces?

cause here i did only a simple unwrap U

also just did a test wiht procedural textue cloud
and scale seems to work fine here


I always use special unwrap for anything that isnt perfectly symmetrical on all axis (cube, sphere etc)
press U to unwrap then select the second one down, leave at default settings and hit ok.

note that this is for blender 2.6> 2.49 hasnt got this option

ok tested in 2.6
and unwrap smart seems to work better
the scale seems ok all over the faces now

don’t understand why in normal unwrap the scale was changing for differents faces!