UV projections for Object instanced hair in blender 2.8

Okay I want to do stilized fur with blender so I’m currently using the collection instancing thing in Eevee to get some nice fur.

The thing is: I don’t want to have gradients and stuff in the fur and the charactert is also supposed to be animated.

So is somone aware of an easy way to project some kind of Texture coordinates on instanced objects in Eevee currently?
Because the options in the texture coordinate and UV node for using the instancers texture coordinates are currently only working in cycles as well as the option to pick another object in the texture coordinates tab.

I know I can just bake my hair into a mesh and then use the data transfer modifier, but I’d really like to avoid that.

@betalars, Did you figure this one out? I’m grappling with this problem right now as it happens. I’d love to hear what you came up with.

I have good and bad news:

The bad news: It still does not work on my version of blender (but due to some technical reasons, I’m currently one version late, so trying it with 2.82 might work for you)

The good news: They have patched some other missing features. For instance: you can now use object coordinates of another object in eevee and that was not possible in 2.80, so they are working on it.

The even better news: I have found a workaround: it still works with cycles. So jus trendering some plain unshaded textures in cycles and then using compositing to add eevee shading on top of it might work for you!

It still let’s you use most eevee features while bypassing the shortcommings in regards of texture coordinate stuff.