UV Seams?

Ok so I made a futuristic type soldier in blender 2.5.2 alpha, I don’t know much about uv unwrapping but I got a general idea on what to do from the blender cookie training. Anyway I made my seams and I split the body, arms, legs, head, feet, and hands into seperate parts, but when I went and unwrapped it, somehow the hands and part of the neck and feet just split apart for no reason, I had no seams to split them apart and made sure of it. Is this supposed to happen, and how could I fix it. Here are to pics of my guy and the seams.


well it is obvious that you have the Mirror Modifier, you must apply it and then unwrap. (((Make a copy of your file, no way to go back once a modifier is applied.)))

Also too hard to see from the picture, but I see a seam around the neck. That will split apart the head as a new island.

I did apply the mirror modifier and did everything, I split the head and some other parts off on purpose, but some of the things that don’t even have seams on them are splitting apart for no reason.

well if you have selected the faces to un-wrap and click U, blender will unwrap it accordily the seams. I am quite sure you are not seeing the mistake in somewhere. Also you are being a bit contradictory on this, now you said you split some areas off in purpose? But in your first post you said: I had no seams to split them apart and made sure of it. So?

There is no much consistency in your troubleshooting procedure. Attach the .Blend file, i will take a look at it.

No, I split of some parts on purpose like the head and stuff, some parts like the hands and random pieces that split off by themselves like in this picture. That’s the thumb from the hand, it should still be connected to the hand, and I didn’t add a seam to make it a seperate island. If this still doesn’t explain it, and you would like to have a look at it and fix the uv map I would appreciate it a lot :slight_smile:


Yes my friend, go ahead and post your .blend file. i am quite sure there is a human error somewhere. It is hard for me to see the seams from the pic. Did you unwrap again? Anyways I will look at it.:smiley:

You stated:
it should still be connected to the hand, and I didn’t add a seam to make it a separate island.

Well I clearly see the seam around its wrist ! it will create a separate section for the hand ! So it is contradictory…the images attached look quite right to me.

ok here is the .blend file, and I was saying that the thumb should still be attached to the hand, not the hand to the arm.


DoneByMyselfSoldier.blend (74.8 KB)

You have an internal face in your mesh at the base of your thumb, delete it. Also looks like you have more in the foot.

Oh thanks, didn’t even see those, well I got the hand fixed, now I just have to fix the feet and the other weird problems.

Yeap, what Richard said is correct. You have an internal face in your thumb. See the screen shot.

Sorry I misunderstood the thing about the hand and the thumb. You by the way deleted the seam from the hand…which is not the same as your screen shot…uhmmmm keep us updated that saves time.


Oh, sorry bout that :frowning: Thanks again for helping me with this, I’ll keep you updated on my progress.