uv texture help

hi every one so i have a model that i,am working on ,it,s a human model , i uv unwrap,t him just like everyone do , and i made my texture, so the problem is that i am going to focus on 3 part of the character for must, the head the hand,s and the feet,s but if you can see in here

the hand head and the feet,s are so tine and it,s impossible to do a detailed texture for thees parts , i try,d to unwrap each part as a separate island ,and a new problem appear and it,s that the part,s edge,s are not Compatible when it,s been texture ,
so if there any one , how can give me a help, it would be nice

  1. You always unwrap the model before creating image textures for it.
  2. You can scale the size of uv verts just like they are regulars verts, using s and proportional edit. You can select one uv vert and hit ctrl-L to select all of the connected uvs. then s to scale.
  3. You can create separate uv maps for the head, the hands, and rest of the body and scale the uv verts up to use as much space as possible. (Cycles) in the nodes you can add a uvmap input to specific which uvs a texture should use.