UV texture not showing up in Render

Okay I’m pretty much all done with this test for a game character, he’s animated, unwrapped, texture is added. He’s intended for export as an animated GIF. But when I hit render, the texture (which shows up in 3d view) has disappeared.
I’ve been trying to troubleshoot but I’d really appreciate any help if anybody has time to look at this!
many thanks in advance


eric zip.zip (1.86 MB)

You have two material slots on that mesh, but only the white material is assigned to it. Assign the texture material to the mesh and it should render fine.

Thanks Ikari, I’m not exectly sure what you mean.
I can get rid of the white material no probs, but how do I ‘assign’ the texture material to the mesh exactly? I’m literally lloking for an ‘assign’ button but that’s maybe not what you mean!?

Blender needs to know where (= to which polygons) each of the materials is supposed to be applied on the mesh. As soon as you enter Edit Mode, the Assign button will appear in the materials panel. You select the corresponding polygons and the material and hit “Assign”.

If you don’t need the white material anyway, you can just delete it and Blender will automatically assign the only material left to the whole mesh.

In your case you also have to make sure that the mapping for the texture is set to UV:

That’s it ! You cracked it, man. Can’t tell you how grateful I am, felt like I was stuck at the last hurdle there.