UV texture problem

I’ve got a bit of a situation here that is starting to frusterate me quite nicely.

I’m using a combination of a UV map and procedural textures. My problem is that, all of a sudden, my UV mapped textures aren’t showing up in the render (yes, I have texface on). Everything was working just fine until I made a couple of changes to the procedural textures, then the UV textures stopped showing up. The strange thing is, going into the textured view in the viewport shows all my UV textures intact, safe, and happy. They just aren’t showing up in the render. What did I do?

What you need to do is apply the UV images as a Texture through the material settings (i.e. not through the texface option)

Load the image as an image in the texture buttons. choose to map it as UV in the material buttons, and select COL (if its just the colour you want to map)

The reason Texface is not working is because any real texture (from the texture stack) will override it as far as i know.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the quick answer.

Yup, that worked. I figured it was probably something simple like that.