UV texture question

Hi all,

I can’t find the answer to a scaling problem with UV textures.

I made a model of a concrete element, UV texture on it -> it’s ok.

Now I want to duplicate this mesh, and give it some other dimensions. The problem is that the UV textures goes out of proportion, wich is bad of course… (see 3th attachment)

How can I make sure that the UV repeats itself, without scaling the texture itself when duplicating the original mesh, and change the object dimensions (only on 1 axis) ??

mesh faces

original mesh, original UV unwrap -> good render

stretched UV layout

Scale in the material, not the UV editor. This comes up a lot in BA threads, and seems to be a forgotten method. I have a screen from the other day which I’ll post. Make sure your uv islands are constrained to bounds, though it doesn’t matter for this method, but for many other reasons.

Just read your question again. If you simply tile the geometry, the UV’s won’t move, meaning the texture size won’t change.


ok I didn’t set the option “constrained to bounds”.

It works perfect now, thanks !

Glad I was able to help. By the way sir, gross user name.

what do you mean ? It rocks :evilgrin:


Gross. What are you, 15? Ha!