uv texture refuse to show

Hi everybody.

I’m texturinig a highway and a tunnel so i’ve uv maped the high way with the center line doted, but inside of the tunnel the road must have a continous line.

when i redered a frame it still shows the doted line instad of continuos, but in textured mode appears ok.

see the pictures …

thanks !


When you loaded the image as a Texture, did you set the Map Input to UV?

Nope I didn’t load as texture, i just load if form the UV editor.
i check the material and there is not any texture.

Load the image as a Texture and set the Map Input to UV. If you are using the TexFace option in your material settings, turn that off.

I solved my problem was a duplicate UVmap so i was touching an inactive UV mapping …

thanks any way