UV textures and transparent edges???

Hi Guys I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this problem i have encountered. The hair and eyebrows are UV textured but should be transparent at the edges to blend into the skin This is a screen shot of the hair and eyebrows and as you see they look pretty weird.

The hair is a seperate mesh to the head so the join is really obvious

Any ideas would be really appreciated.

Unfortunately I am really new to Blender so I have probably missed something, I usually do.

IF you were doing this in Cycles engine I would ask if you allowed for a transparent edge when creating your maps/textures? If so, I would ask if you are using the UV editor and getting close up to see the layout. Then there is the challenge of the base color used where Transparency will allow your colored model to come through your texture.

IF in BRender, I would ask if you checked the mapping coordinates. After that I am out of ideas…

Thanks for the input had no idea what your talking about cos im pretty new to blender but it did give me a nudge in the right direction and I managed to solve it …thanks for the help

you know when you are new new to this software it is best to upload the blend file so we can look at what you are trying to convey. At min a screen grab with some illustration or are to note… I am here to help the best I can as others have helped me. And that is what I was told too.
Here is where you can post a file.
Note the three icons on the side of the dialogue box once there. The addy for your new upload file will be in the URL

I have used this upload before but the file doesnt contain the uv materials so i dont know how to add this so others can see the problem. If you could let me know how i can add the UV textures I will upload like that in the future.

Many thanks