UV texturing, 2.49

Hi, I use a 3d game maker called Platinum Arts Sandbox. Most of us (@ the forums) use Blender (or Wings 3d for a few). I was wondering if someone can point me to a good tutorial on using UV texturing in 2.49 for making skins for models I create. I understand how to set it up, but whenever I paint a spot on the skin file, it shows up in multiple areas on the model. If I
use texture paint mode in the 3d area, I’ll paint one spot and it will paint others automatically. How can I fix this?
Also, in Sandbox, some models (I’m not sure how many) can be walked through, and some can’t. Is there a way to set one or the other?

P.S.: If you’re interested, the Sandbox main site is at: http://sandboxgamemaker.com/
and our forums are at: http://forum.sandboxgamemaker.com/index.php

EDIT: I’m sorry, I’m new, this is probably more in a multi-question category… I can’t fix that, though…

It would seem that you have uv unwrapped the model with overlapping uvs in which case parts of the texture will inevitably cover multiple parts of the model. when you unwrap your model what method do you use?
there are many tutorials on this and many specifically on unwrapping models for games i suggest you find and read a couple untill you understand exactly how.
if its a simple model this can be very easy just create a few seems and unwrap then tweak your uvs so none overlap.