UV Texturing Multiple Images

Is it possinle to UV map a bump map and use it to effect NOR, and then map a different colour/diffuse map over the top?

as far as I know this is possible only of You use the same uv cordinates for both textures.

So if i used the smae co-ordinates for them would i then just apply my bump map and use UV instead of ORCO as my map input?

thats’s my guess yeah but I’m not 100% sure.

There is an excellent UV mapping tutorial here:

If you want to skip the basic stuff, the part on using multiple textures starts here:

It is translated from french so the grammar is off, but good enough.

That is a 100% correct. You can use all texture channels as images mapped to the UV coordinates on the object. One image for bump, another for diffuse, another for alpha, another for speculatiry and so-on.