uv texturing/vertex painting

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I told you it would’nt be long, lol.
okay…i want to make my game fairly cartoony, and as i can’t use materials i have to vertex paint or uv texture…i tried vertex painting and nothing happened still when i pressed play…am i missing something or is there an easier way?? also whenever i try to outline an object with an edge it puts a black line around each face…is there a way to solve that?

will have screens soon!
thanks, rep

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i don’t know exactly what’s wrong,but try pressing alt+z … about the black line,i don’t have any idea of what’s wrong,but go to the paint buttons,select the face with the problem and make the face two sided(there is a button for that in the paint buttons)…maybe that should solve the problem.Maybe someone here has a better idea? hope that helps. :slight_smile:

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Ok, i’ve done a black outline thing (well, it was green, but you use the same thing to get it done). First, texture your character without any black outline. Then duplicate the mesh (shift-d) leave it in the exact place as the original mesh (push the right mouse button right after you hit shift-d). scale it up a bit (push s to make it a tiny bit bigger, the bigger you have it the bigger the outline will be) and then left-click when you got it. Hit F to go into face mode and make all the faces black (go to the paint buttons, slide the sliders so the color is black, select all the faces (A) and then hit set VertCol.
Next parent it to your original mesh and then go to edit buttons and find the Flip Normals button and push it. Tada!

If you have any problems, tell me.


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thanx you guys! :smiley: …it helped alot, gues its back to work now…lol