uv texturing

i am trying to uv texture part of my car stereo model, and well it looks weird once i leave face-select-mode. it looks a little warped… but only once i leave face-select-mode… here have a look:



anyone know why this is happening, and how i can fix it?


–farrell “upgrdman” farahbod

Spastic spiderweb! Blender is having trouble mapping the UV co-ords to the image and so it’s stretched on the model. Try constructing your geometry from a subdivided plane is all I can suggest, I’ve never tried to UV these kinnd of triangle/quad hybrids. The only other alternative is to tweak the verts in the image window and straighten up all those spastic loops. You can see the misalignment on INT where the edge cuts thru it. And it’s stretched in both screenshots, just masked in the first one.


I also have recently had the problem of warped UVs, and the faces I was mapping were quite regular, and all quads. I never had the problem before, so it might be a bug in 2.3

I would guess it’s because the image you see in face select mode is the 0 level base mesh, and when you go back into object mode, the subsurf changes the topology, making the UVs looks different to how they were set up in faceselect mode. This is one nasty bastard of a problem in Blender - the only solution for now is to convert your subsurf to a mesh, or get ready for hours of tedious tweaking :(.

using subdivision surfaces can cause issues with textures being warped (depending on how irregular your subsurf cage is)

however I don’t think that is the problem here, I think it is your skewed quads.

Blender draws quads as two triangles (you don’t get to say where the edge that splits the quad is). So, I bet that the flaws you see (they are there in face mode, just hard to see) are when the triangles that are being drawn are so small that it uses a lower resolution texture. suggestion: avoid thin skewed quads (like the one below RPT, and after the end of Player)

this means you will have to create the geometry again, but it may be worth it. Quads should be made to look like squares ideally, and triangles equlaterial. You don’t have to do things perfect though, but it helps to not use rhombus-like quads, and line-like triangles.