UV texturing

Hi all,

I’m new to UV texturing. Sometimes when I wrap my image around my multi-faceted model, some faces get the image in a linearly-distorted manner. For example, instead of seeing my nice image of a stone wall, one or two faces will have the image stretched to infinity in one direction resulting in just straight lines the colour of the image. Any fixes for this or ways to stop it happening?

if that wall u are talking about is a cube when u unwrap unwrap as cube instead of from window. if its a grid or plane im not sure. i suggest making a wall in a room out of planes or grids its much easier to uv map one then duplicate. that my opinion

it’s hard to say what’s going on without seeing the blend, but if you put it up, remember: Be sure you hit ‘pack’ before saving.

err - pack?

file>>>pack :wink:


Anyway, here’s a screenshot of what’s happening:


I wrapped with cube.


what type of mesh is it

Your image don’t show much. It could be anything.

Post an image of the object (screenshot without the texture please), the texture map you are using and the screenshot of the UV map window (shift+F10) showing the unwraped object.

This way we can help you really fast.

O course you can post the blend file so we can download it.

The “pack” option packs all image maps into the blend file, so you don’t need to post it too.

It’s my test character ‘rocky’ so is a greatly extruded cube. What you’re looking at is the torso with upper arm and shoulder.

I’ve since somewho fixed the problem by trying different wrapping techniques so no longer have that blend.

I was just curious what it was, why it was and how to fix/avoid for future work.

Looks like you used UV mapping with a bad UV layout.

the stretching is caused by the object face displaying the texture in the wrong direction. To fix it select the face and press “R”, this gives you the option to rotate the texture so that it displays properly.

Although the others were also right, a properly layed out UV map would have prevented the problem from occuring also.

Take a look at this tutorial.


I’ve seen it around before but have to download (48MB). I’ve been looking in vain for a good html-based UV tutorial since the manual is (currently) lacking in that area.