UV to Sewing Pattern (.svg)

I’d like to be straight to the point here :slight_smile:
(in a time crunch, didn’t have a lot of time to clarify EVERYTHING, so please ask, and I’ll update what is needed)
I would like to create sewing patterns in blender. Using what I have, I can get decent patterns. What I need, is some tools to make them better.
First, my current method: (FYI)

  • create mesh(don’t need tools for modeling, I’ve gotten down styling for plush-ification)
  • create basic seams
  • go back over and create stress relief seams, where needed
  • quick map
  • average island scale

Second, what I would require: (MUST)

  • UV -> svg (don’t need the faces, just the outside edges)
  • edges smoothed, while maintaining length, so pieces match up
  • markers (just like, a circle) to indicate where corners meet
  • auto name pieces, (e.g. p01,p02,p03) so they can be identified easier

Third, what I would like:

  • info near markers to tell what piece connects and where
  • other info about the piece (e.g. indicate which direction should the fur go)
  • split into multiple svg’s (makes it easier to go to a print shop and print multiple medium sized versions, then to send it to a bigger place and wait for shipping)
  • set paper size, and object size for multi-svg creation

feel free to ask any questions!
let me know the est. $$$

How are you modeling the meshes? If a mesh is stretched in the middle of the pattern, the UV map will be distorted so it will not be as you would need for sewing patterns. The point “edges smoothed, while maintaining length, so pieces match up” will have issues because of that. Have you tried Marvelous Designer? You would avoid that with it. Also automatic unwrap will ignore the rotation of the patters so in cases the direction of the fabric texture matters it will not work that well. As for automation and auto naming of patterns I would be interested to know some solutions for the exact same problem myself :).