UV tut ?

i tried to follow the tut from blender nation
on UV for displacemetn map

but could not get the same results

can someone help to complete this UV displacement map
here is the file included

appreciate any help with this


You are using the first UV layout for the second UV image. You need to change the second UV layout so that it maps the image once to each face instead of sharing the one image between all the faces.

uvcube1.blend (554 KB)

ok so you have to create a new unwrap for the dispacement map too!

but whne i look at the render i don’t see the same size of displacement
se pic from tut and render i did !

any idea why this would do that
and suggestion to correct that

also how come the unwrap does not cover each face see last pic

is htere a way to change th UV map shown in UV editor inside the UV editor
i know you can change it the F9 UV tab
but there must a way in editor to do that also
changing the Txxture does not change the pci shown in UV editor