UV Unproject 0.9.4: now an addon for Blender 2.57

UV Unproject is a Blender addon for camera resection (camera matching). The script files and a tutorial are available from my webpage.

The current release (0.9.4) is for Blender 2.57. From the user point of view, it is very little changed from the previous version (0.9.3) for Blender 2.49, even though the interface has been completely recoded. The only significant difference is that unprojection is now based on exactly those vertices visible and selected in the UV editor, regardless of whether UV and edit mode selections are synced or not; previously it was based only on UV mode selections, so strange things could happen if syncing was on.

UV Unproject still depends on both NumPy and SciPy, for which Some Assembly Is Required: that’s the price of Blender being an early adopter of Python 3.2.

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How can it be an addon, if NumPy and SciPy are not yet available for … (otherwise give the links please)

@McCollet: pls. what version of numpy did you use?

I tried a few weeks ago the
and it did not install with python-3.2 on a linux ubuntu-10.04 system.

There are still some faults. From what i did read (the python-mailings)
it is still not ported and needs some tweaks. (but those changes need
a full understanding about this numpy setup)
I am trying to understand how to create a similiar array and matrix class
like in numpy. Reason is, i could get nearly all of your
camera_resection.py running without numpy and using simple arrays with floats.
But the last thing is not working, its the
thing. I have the residuals function running, but the
algorithm for the leastsq sample i found (mpfit.py) still uses numpy (not scipy)
for the arrays (and this thing is … … complicated … … for me).

I have NumPy 1.6.0b2 and SciPy 0.9.0 successfully installed with Python 3.2 on Mac OS X 10.6.7. In both cases, running setup.py generated more warnings than I like to see but no fatal errors.

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They are not yet available precompiled for Python 3.2 (except NumPy for Windows), so I’m afraid you have to build them from source. Hence the comment about ‘Assembly Required’.

I’m sure that will change over the coming months, and just hope that Blender doesn’t keep changing Python version so as to stay one step ahead of NumPy. I suspect there is a fair chance that at some point NumPy (but probably not SciPy) will actually become part of the standard Python distribution anyway.

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seems like a very useful script - thanks for updating it

no chance of me building anything right now so i will wait and see …

Thanks to making things clear(er) :wink:

This is fantastic, when Ton was talking about the new project I knew something like this would be needed, and youve done it.
Awesome work, I cant wait to give it a try

Well hello, I need to say this project is really interesting. I had already few trys to install numpy and scipy, but in both cases i can’t check the box for UV Unproject, it doesn’t work.

Im really excited with your work. Will you be developing this script for new blender versions? I’m waiting for your script the same as for news from tomato branch.