UV unwrap is overlapping... how to fix?

Hey everyone,

I am having a little problem trying to unwrap a pocket in my mesh. I am unwrapping my object using “project from view” as none of the other methods retained the face proportions without distortion. The problem is that faces with normals 90 degrees (flat) to the view have their UV vertices overlapping in the layout.

See the picture for a visual explanation.

Is there a way to fix this? Thanks very much for your thoughts and help.



I’m still learning UV unwrapping in Blender, but what I’ve done in this type of situation is to select the polys on each of the inside faces (in the UV mapper), select a view that faces those polys (in the 3D view), then unwrap using “project from view”, and then move the UV’s to the side in the UV/Image Editor. Then once all sides have been projected, I rescale them so they are properly proportioned, move them to the desired location on the map, and then rescale the whole thing so it all fits on the map. It’s a bit time consuming and can be hard to get maps to match up -perfectly-, but it’s the only way I’ve learned to do it (so far). I’d love to learn a method / technique that meets the same objectives, but is faster or easier…


First method:
Don’t select anything inside the pocket. Unwrap from view everything else, pin it, and then select all and unwrap (not from view, just unwrap.)

Second method:
Select everything facing front, but do not select the faces at 90 degrees. Unwrap from view, and pin. Mark a seam on one of the 90 degree face edges, select those faces only, and unwrap.

As you can see, the UV map is different in each case. The first has connected edges, which will allow painting across the edge, but the faces inside the pocket are distorted a bit.

In the second case, the faces are undistorted, but the edges aren’t connected. Choose your poison, you can’t have both.

Thanks, you have just solved the last of my UV problems! (well, for now haha)

Thanks very much for helping me.