UV unwrap issue

I have a model which I’ve UV unwrapped (see image).

I’d now like to create a dome base, apply a material/texture, and unwrap it to the same UV map as the figurine (hopefully you can see in the image).

My end goal, is to export the finished model (figurine + base) as one .obj, one .ntl and one .png file

I’ve tried selecting the sphere in edit mode, using 'UV Smart Project and then baking the texture. This makes the sphere appear on the UV map but removes all traces of the figurine (see image).

I’ve Googled a lot but can find no answer. Comments welcomed. Thank you!

The baking options are set to clear the image. Uncheck that.

If the UV’s of the base do not fit anywhere on the image without overlapping, you’d have to make another UV map for the figure on which the base UV’s also fit, and then bake the textures to a new image. That would relocate them.

If you handle the base as a separate object, it’s possible to show UV’s for all selected objects by selecting them, and then select ‘draw all objects’ in view menu in the UV editor. It will show the UV’s where the image is assigned to, or have an option to change that from the UV editor properties if you update to 2.79.

Thanks JA12. Unchecking the ‘clear all’ option solved my problem. I had completely overlooked that!