UV unwrap not working on fbx import object

Hi guy’s

Currently having problem with UV unwrap on 3ds max object import as fbx, upon import i simply mark my seams then i click on unwrap and a dialog box appear asking me for method and clicking enter do nothing and the dialog box stay there in the window.

Clicking U and nothing appear in the 2d window!

I did another test with a simple cylinder in another 2.8 instance of blender and marking seam and clicking unwrap work as intended.

So what could be the problem with my fbx imported object any idea?

EDIT; I did some test in 2.79 and my fbx object is unwrapping fine so could this be a 2.8 bug?

After fiddling a little with it i find that if you click on the UV editing tab the unwrap don’t show in the 2D window but after selecting uv editor in the editor type it is now showing, how bizarre could this be a bug?

Make no sense that you have to select UV editor after choosing the UV editing workspace in my own opinion.

Would also be handy if we could know why uv dialog sometime open and seem to do nothing even changing settings in it.

Did some more test and with blender primitives there is no need to select uv editor so this seem to be a bug from 2.8 with import fbx!

I will try an obj to see if it is the same.

I also notice problem with object scale in uv edting window while the scale appear ok in general layout mode.

It’s working perfectly with obj so i think fbx is the problem.

Should i report this as a bug?

I made 2 threads because of this annoyance today!

The problem is the Load UI radio box button, just uncheck this for any files done in older blender versions and everything will work fine.

Open and uncheck preferences/save&load/Load UI.

I think they should put it off as default because i can see a lot of people inundating the forum in upcoming month after official release.

Do you mean devs should put Load UI as toggled off as default for 2.8 because of a bug with import? That doesn’t make much sense.

Well i can see a lot of people having serious problem if they recently switch from another app.

You should not need to force load UI on previous blender version in my own opinion.