UV Unwrap overlapping problem

Hello. I recently started working on a game in Python and Panda 3d, lo and behold Blender is a beast modeling program to use! Kinda awkward at times, coming for 3D Studio Max, and I have a problem

I load this colt m1911a3 and go to UV unwrap, course it looks horrible right off the bat! Lines! Yeah well that’s not my problem: the entire thing is one object, 34 thousand faces, and when unwrapped procedurally, most parts overlap one another.
Here’s my result:

since it’s all one thing and so many faces, it’s going ot be nearly impossible to parts at a time. what am I suppose to do?

If it’s for a game I would recommend creating a low poly model. Unwrap that and use the high poly model to bake a normal map for the low poly model.

The retopo tool would help in creating the low poly gun. Allows you to create a mesh while having the vertices stick to the high poly mesh.

If you really want to unwrap a 34k mesh, then using seams is the best way to go. Just make sure on the right of the screen under Mesh Tools More, that you enable “Draw Seams”

That’s odd. I should place them all way from each other if you unwrap them at the same time.

In the UV Window, try Pack Islands in the UV menu. That makes Blender place all the islands in what it thinks is a fairly sensible UV layout (which is a terrible UV layour, but it’s handy to space stuff when you have overlaps).

i’ll just use retopo. thanks.
the pack islands didn’t work, either. thanks though. maybe i’ll use that in the future
how does retopo work? just like, make the gun myself, but the already existing model is a guide?