UV unwrap weird in Blender 2.56?


I’m having trouble UV unwrapping in Blender 2.56.
I am learning from the book “Blender 2.5 Materials and Textures Cookbook” by Colin Litster.
I’m on chapter 7 and I’m trying to unwrap a face mesh.
The book suggests marking 4 seams two at the bottom on either side of the chin and two at the sides of the forehead.
I have created the seams ok.
I press A select the face and then U and select unwrap the result is a messy UV map I can’t understand why?
I have a attached a screenshot.
I would be grateful for any suggestions.

Thanking you in anticipation.:yes:


A couple of quick things to try:
Remove doubles- W
Recalculate normals- Ctrl N
(maybe most importantly) Select all verts in the UV window then unpin- Alt P
Apply scale/rotation- Ctrl A

Then try unwrapping normally.

Thank you dlax I don’t know which of those suggestions cured my problem. I did them all and then tried unwrapping again and it solved my problem.

Thanks dlax! The unwrapping problem of Belinda also happen to me. What fixed it was “Select all verts in the UV window then unpin- Alt P”